Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I finally decided to take some time off day dreaming, working, cooking, cleaning and pen down my thoughts about coming to the US, living here, studying here and working!

Most people who come to US, come here with many dreams and so did I. I dreamt of being independent, travelling, decorating my home and trust me I did all of that.

As I began thinking what to write, the first thing that came to my mind was what has this place given me? Many people go blab la about coming to US and how great it is, but I asked myself what is so special about this place?

I think this place has given me the much needed independence, and mostly confidence. I feel much more than courageous than ever before. I am sure most people say the same, but what is it that has differentiated my experience from the rest. I would say it is the companionship! Without having someone special to share all your happiness and beauty you see around, all the happiness does not make sense.

San Diego is a beautiful place. It is bright, sunny and there is a kind of positivity attached to it. I can feel it, but can’t express it. San Diego has given me more than what I ever thought! Here I have my home- where there is lots of love, and the absence of ego makes it a special one.

Usually marriage comes with a huge baggage. My mother always told me to be responsible and patient and many more adjectives were attached to being a good wife, and a good daughter-in-law. I differ on this because; marriage to me did not come with too many expectations from my partner. He did not tell me to behave in a certain way because I am married. To be accepted the way you are is the best gift you can get from your soul-mate.

San Diego is definitely a special place, and what makes it special is my way looking at it. What I like the most about this place is I can live here without the baggage of any expectations and trying to fit myself in to someone I am not. The place that gives me peace is the one where, I can live my life the way I want to.

My work makes me happy; I am doing what I always wanted to. Work should always be the one you love doing. It has given me my identity. I am beginning to find myself and connect to that Poorvi who was 14 years old and dreamt of being the best in class! All of us need to do something on our own to smile, to laugh and to be happy.

The minute I stop worrying about tomorrow is when I start enjoying today. I miss every little thing about being in India. I miss watching the rain sitting by the window pane, chatting with my mom, rushing back to Bangalore for exams. So many memeories which I have treasured in my heart and I will for the rest of my life. Life has to move on but all those memories bring the sweetest smile on my face.
Finally I would like to say that happiness lies within us, we only have to find it.