Saturday, December 29, 2012

BRAVE NIRBHAYA................India's Daughter!

Yes at this moment we are all wishing for Nirbhaya's soul to rest in peace. Her soul will not rest in peace until  the women of this country walk with dignity, pride and courage. We have had enough! We stand at the bus stop or railway station, work at our desks, surf the internet and no matter what we do, we are ogled at all the time.

Our society is based on age-old traditions. Most Indian traditions are lopsided in nature. Most of them are sexist too. All of them are based on the foundation of superstition. Superstitious beliefs form the crux of Indian life-style. We live in a country where a woman does not respect an another woman in her womb. We have the highest rate of female feticide. So, what does this suggest? It only suggests that the society is extremely low on the values of humanity. We are aware of every religion except the religion of humanity.

 Most people base their opinions on what happened decades ago. We must only learn from our past and not repeat the same mistakes. Sati system was one of the most brutal act of the past. We got rid of it. Similarly, we have to get rid of many such so called spiritual beliefs that take us to heaven. It is important to comprehend  that men and women are two vital pillars of the society and decision-making must rest with both of them. Together we must create a present that is worth being reflected in the future as the glorious past.

Sex has been a taboo for several years. It is important to tell your kids what are the good and bad things about sex. It is time we openly accept that sex is a basic need and there is nothing wrong in talking about it. Progress is hidden in the way we bring up our daughters and sons. What values we impart to them. Sex education has become an integral aspect of upbringing. To teach your kids what is good and bad touch is of much importance.

From ages, we have been living our lives based on stereo-types. Women at home are suppose to engage themselves in household chores while men go out and make decisions for the family. One who brings the money home is known to be superior.Yes, I am talking about those women who belong to real India which is quite dark and not the brighter privileged section of the society.
We often associate this darker section of the society with the poor/rural segment of the society but the reality is that this divide can never be made based on the economic dynamics.

I may sound cliched' when I blame the government, but I am sorry to say that our leaders are no good. A wise society is led by great thinkers and progressive minds but, our society is led by a bunch of illiterate, greedy politicians who hardly care about the citizens. So called leaders in our country yearn for power and money. And no one cares about progress. Sabki band tabhi bajti hain, jab baat apne pe aati hain!Our selfishness has put the society in a bottom-less pit of backwardness.

Why is justice always so delayed? Why are the perpetrators of crime not being punished? I am unable to comprehend whose fault is it? are we the "people" negligent towards progress or is it the corrupt government. I guess the answer is that, we are all collectively responsible for the underdevelopment of the society.

We have entangled our society to such an extent that, we have no way but to accept such heinous acts as a part of our life and brush it off like nothing has happened. Why do we submit ourselves to bribery? why do we not raise our voices against those who commit such brutal crimes. Anna Hazare protested ump-teen number of times. An old man had the courage in him to fast and stand up against the wrong doings. Why no political leader whom we choose to lead us take up such issues. Issues that concern the Indian society. Where is progress? Where is pragati? This is the question that I ask myself and every Individual who claim to be  an "Indian".

Where were those protectors of the society when damini was crying for help. Every woman in India needs to be treated with honor and respect. It could be your mother, daughter, sister, or someone walking on the road. It is time that women stop being the much idolized "sita" and become "Durga" in order to fight the evil.

I hope that the dark night has gone and has also taken away the darkness with it. It is now time for the dawn and we shall fight this day with all the positive spirit.

I will keep Nirbhaya alive in my heart till I die. She will stay with me in the form of integrity, dignity and courage. Nirbhaya has not died and she never will. She is the responsible for the revolution. Her fighting spirit has given us the courage to stand up against the evil.

I promise that I will not let her struggle go in vain!